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My 7 year old daughter has suffered eczema and stomach pains from an early age. Her arms and legs were covered in open scratched sores. She often complained of upset stomachs and would cry in pain clutching her stomach every few days. It was tough as a parents to see our little girl suffering. We have been to doctors, dermatologists, and had tried a wide range of lotions, ointments, probiotics and elimination diets without any worthwhile long term results. We knew that some foods were giving her problems but we couldn’t identify the exact foods that were the problem. We did the food sensitivity test and found that she had sensitivities to gluten and dairy, which we had suspected. She also had an extremely high reactions to pineapple and watermelon-two foods that we never suspected.

Eliminating these foods has made such a difference to my daughter’s health. Her energy levels, her appetite and digestive health have improved. In the last four months we have only heard her mention sore stomachs 3-4 times. Her eczema has almost gone. We asked her if she noticed anything different since we changed her diet and she said “I like it. I’m not as itchy and my tummy doesn’t get sore”. We’re so happy to have finally found a solution to help our daughter.

I had been feeling so flat with no energy and my aches and pains seemed to be getting worse. I was becoming increasingly more bloated and I was suffering migraines for the last month. I was told it was what happens when you go through menopause even though I had some of these things on and off for years. After hearing about a friend’s great improvements from her food sensitivity testing I decided to get it done. After spending money on so many different things this has been the best investment. After eliminating the foods I was sensitive to I am feeling the best I have felt in years. My energy is improved, I am in less pain, the bloating is gone and touch wood I have not had a migraine.

I am a 48 year old male with long term knee pain which my doctor told me was the early stages of arthritis. I played a lot of sport in my younger days which could explain the stiffness I get in my knees. Although I still go to the gym once or twice a week I was regularly feeling flat and the weight around the middle was piling on. There was also some reflux, gas and bloating after my meals which I just thought was normal.

My wife bought the at home food tests for the whole family so I toed the line. When the results came in my wife coordinated the family meals around our sensitivities. I stopped eating my bacon and egg rolls for lunch, and cutting down on bread because wheat and eggs were two of the foods that were in the high category in my results.

I must admit to my surprise 2 months into it and I am feeling a lot better. I have dropped 4 kilos, don’t feel as bloated and my knees aren’t anywhere near as stiff. I’ve even dropped a couple of notches on my belt. I can now get out with my boys on the weekends and kick a footy without pulling up sore the next day.